How to Turn Off Split Screen in iPad and Safari

Split screen in iPad claimed to helpful while multitasking in the device. If you have an iPad, then you must have used the split screen to open multiple apps and work on them parallely. It means the screen displays two apps like Safari on the left and Notes on the right side of the screen. Admittedly, it makes the device use more convenient, but sometimes there is a need to turn off the split screen.

There could be different reasons to turn off split screen. Some users claimed that the feature is great as it reduces the efforts and time waste but it is confusing for them. Some said that it is not suitable for educational purposes because the children will distract themselves by running the entertainment apps as well. By turning off the Split Screen in iPad, it might be helpful in providing parental control.

Split Screen in iPad

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Here’s how to turn off the split screen in iPad

  1. Launch Settings app in your iPad.
  2. Go to General options and tap to open General Menu.
  3. Tap Multi Tasking or Multitasking & Dock from the menu.
  4. Now, select Allow Multiple Apps and toggle off the button.
  5. Make sure, the color turns Gray or White.
  6. Now the split screen is turned off.

If you open any apps for multitasking, you won’t be seeing the apps simultaneously. But there is an exception for Safari split scream that you must know. Safari has this function enabled in it, and it may annoy you. But you can disable the split screen function in Safari as well.

Let’s see how to disable split screen in Safari

  1. Drag the tabs to the opposite side.
  2. When the last tab is dragged, then the tabs in Safari will return to full screen.
  3. Another method to get rid of split screen is by tap and hold on one of the app icons.
  4. Now, select Merge All the Tabs.
  5. Now you can see that it has disabled the split screen by enabling the full-screen view.

Turning off split screen is not a hard task on iPad but if you want to turn on the split screen then follow the same steps mentioned above. Go to the settings and toggle on the Allow Multiple Apps option. Your device will automatically display the split screen when you open multiple apps at the same time.

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