How to reset McAfee’s True Key- Master Password?

McAfee is considered to be the leading the security software that provides scanning and detecting the viruses in the devices- software, the application as well as online browsing. McAfee supplies products for protecting the customer’s devices and browsers. They are- VirusScan, SiteAdvisor, E-Business Server, Change Control, Anti-Malware Engine Core, and many more. For every devices and browser, they have different products with different features, which are activated only after providing the correct product key. The products may look similar in appearances but they contain a unique identifier known as SKU.

True key


McAfee‘s True key-master password helps to encrypt and decrypt data and it allows to use True key app where the important information is stored for future use. And the relief is in the matter, Master password is never sent over any network. The passwords and the wallets are always synced over the secure SSL connections.

Given below are the steps to successfully reset McAfee’s True key- Master password, if –

You’re able to sign-in with McAfee’s True key, then follow the given steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Now you need to Sign-in to True Key, with correct email-id and password.
  3. For viewing the Profile, you need to select the user-icon at the top-right.
  4. On the display screen look out for My Factors and then click on the Change Master Password to edit.
  5. Edit your current Master Password. Then, type your new Master Password, which you want to put.
  6.  Re-type your new Master Password to confirm it.

Now click on the Change the password.

Please note- The message will display or will send to your provided email-id that your McAfee’s True Key- Master Password changed.

If you receive any message that displays that something went wrong, then make sure you’re using the correct current Master Password and try it again.

If you face any issues related to sign-in with McAfee’s True Key, then visit to get  help for your issues.

You’re not able to sign-in to True Key, then it can be that the Master password isn’t recognized and you can proceed by using the Forgot Master Password option. For the successful setting of Forgot Master Password option, both the statements need to be true. They are:

  1. Go to
  2. In the Profile Preferences of True Key, you didn’t disable the Master Password Reset feature. This very feature is meant to Enable, by default.
  3. You have already configured at least two additional authentication factors or you have used alternative ways of signing into True Key, they are:
  • E-mail.
  • Second device
  • Fingerprint

If you face any issues related to setting Forgotten Master Key’s Password, then visit to get advice on your issues.

You need to reset your password for Master Key if you have forgotten your Master Key password. Please note- You’re suggested to reset your Master Password on Windows PC. Don’t try to reset the password on the iOs device, as it may result in deleting your entire data. Do follow the following given steps for successful resetting the password for Windows PC. The steps are:

  1.  Visit
  2. Try to open your True key on Windows PC.
  3. Put your correct email id and password, provided in the True Key.
  4. Click Forgot your Master Password, below the option of entering Master Password.

Please note- If the authentication factors aren’t configured for your McAfee’s True Key Account, you may see a pop-up message displaying Additional Factors Required.


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