North Korea executed cyber attack campaign in 17 countries

According to the latest research by Mcafee, North Korea is reportedly behind a global cyber attack campaign called Operation Ghost Secret. As Cyber attacks on global scale has became familiar now especially with the involvement of the state actors and North Korea is no less than that.

McAfee has talked about the Pyongyang hackers, who have ample abilities to develop and use up the numerous cyber tools, fast expand on the global operations. According to the Cyber security Insiders, the operation commences from 14th March and concluded on 26th March.

cyber attack

As per the report in The Hill, the global hacking operation comprises 17 countries that includes US, UK, Germany, Japan, and Russia, are among them. The aim is to abstract information on the telecommunications, entertainment organizations, critical infrastructure, healthcare organizations, and many more.

In the report, McAfee says that the campaign was acute complicated, controlling a number of implants to steal information from all the infected systems then the design was made in a twisted manner to avoid detection and bluff the forensic investigators. It should be blame to state that after the identification of the campaign last month, the hackers have increased the chances of attack more than before.

As per McAfee Security, the tools used up for the Operation GhostSecret are the similar one which was before used during Hidden Cobra, the cyber infiltration group, which is another name to define North Korean State sponsored hackers used by the US government.

This is not the first time North Korea was involved in such global cyber attack operations, before in the past too they were convicted, such as the Sony Pictures hack and recently, WannaCry ransomware that attack almost 150 countries Computer system. According to McAfee, Operation GhostSecret has interchangeable signatures that demonstrate North Korea’s hackers as a high profile nature wise.

McAfee also confirmed about the last year attack  on Turkish Bank, North Korea was behind that and had the capabilities to organize a similar attacks in Western countries as well, on the financial body.

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