Verizon Mobile Security Index 2018 Report: 83% of the organizations are satisfied


  • To keep the mobile network safe, most of the organizations i.e. approx 89% organizations have been relying over single security strategy.
  • Even according to report of the year 2017, the spending of 61% organizations have been increased by 10% on mobile security, significantly.
  • It has also been reported that all the default passwords have been changed only by 39% mobile users in enterprises. While only 38% mobile users have adopted the technique of strong two-factor authentication.
  • The report also stated that only 31% of the organizations have been using the mobile devices or enterprise mobility management i.e. MDM or EMM.

Apart from these insights, there are numerous of other insights too that have been by various technical magazines. While for carrying out the surveys of rest half year 2017, a separate research company has been commissioned by Verizon. And the research company will conduct the survey by interviewing 600 professionals that have been working in procuring or managing the mobile devices department within the organizations.

Mobile security

The study founded that the organizational ability for scaling the security management have been raised with the increase n adoption of Cloud, Internet of Things and mobile devices. When there comes to build a balance between security and performance goals of the Business, as a result of this, mostly the business goals win the priority.

According to the survey by most of the antivirus companies like McAfee security, stated that mostly the organizations (approx 32% organizations) sacrifice their security by leaving the many of its core infrastructural areas unsecured, just for its performance and expediency. Thus, most of the companies out of these 32% approx 45% had suffered a great data loss or downtime.

Key points or facts included within the survey report 2017 are as follows:

  1. 79% of the organizations have appraised their employees to be one of the crucial security threat:-

This is not because of losing the mobile devices but the employees are utilizing the companies’ secured access for personal as well as financial benefits. Among the entire senior management leaders who have been interviewed for the survey, 58% of them prospected their employees having the secure access as the most remarkable security threats.

  1. To attain the expediency and performance goals of the Business, 32% enterprises sacrificed their security. Thus, 45% out of these companies suffered a huge data loss or downtime:-

The survey concluded that most of the companies achieve their performance goals and expediency by sacrificing their security. As a result of this sacrifice, most of these organizations suffered a great data loss.

  1. 89% of the enterprises have been trusting over single strategy of security for keeping its mobile networks safe and secure:-

Most of the organizations offer security to their mobile network by adopting only a single strategy. Out of this 89% organization, 39% adopted the security practice of changing all the default passwords and only 47% utilize the encryption technique for sending the confidential data across open or public networks.

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