McAfee’s Announces Global Security Operations Centers

McAfee announces two unique cyber and physical security operation centers (SOC) today. The two of its utilities are named as McAfee Security Fusion Centers which is situated in Plano, Texas and Cork, Ireland. McAfee Security Fusion Centers are created to diagnose risks on worldwide basis and take security measures against it. The threefold aim of this security solution is to secure McAfee, to identify and categorize new requirements of cyber security products, and to carry out prominent use of blueprint for users and collaborators. The services are available on monthly basis to the users who are prepared to head out and learn to manage the challenging needs in a better way. This is for customer’s security solution to examine the performance of human-machine teaming.

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The chief information security officer at McAfee, Grant Bourzikas will have the charge of McAfee Security Fusion Centers. Bourzikas said that McAfee Security Fusion Center is mainly designed as blueprint to support security solutions and technologies in an innovative way by getting into the integration of research teams, endpoint diagnosis and response while allowing the upcoming future expansion of could-based technology.

The chief information security officer at McAfee activate also added “We call ourselves Customer Zero because we are the first organization to use McAfee’s new offerings and product updates, and because we share our learning to help customers implement faster and more smoothly.”

McAfee has taken the challenge to provide all the possible protection measures against cyber risk. Hackers are developing software and program that making attacks are more complex to understand and are constantly becoming more sophisticated. By involving human-machine teaming and designing highly advanced and automatic analytics technologies to bump up the keys and concepts, a team of developers of the McAfee Security Fusion Center are aimed to examine the focus of cyber threats.  In order to analyze the target of cyber risks, McAfee Security Fusion Centers have launched operation in three parts:

Threefold Mission of McAfee Security Fusion Centers:

  1. McAfee is securing the organization and the technological infrastructure from of cyber crimes
  2. To assist and improve inbuilt McAfee products based on real-time security needs and customer and client’s experience
  3. To bring up a learning environment for users to know how the importance and working of security operations technology and operation best performances

McAfee has also declared new security operations architecture, created on the latest version of McAfee Enterprise Security Manager. In addition, McAfee Behavioral Analytics has come up with an improvement to McAfee Investigator and McAfee Advanced Threat Defense, and also new collaborations with McAfee Active Response.

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