March 20, 2018

McAfee Retail Card – McAfee Activate –

Mcafee retail card – Redeem McAfee Retail Card Online, Protect your computer from internet threats, If you are facing activation or installation issues visit

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McAfee antivirus offers comprehensive cyber security solutions to multiple devices such as Windows-based operating systems, Macintosh, and Android devices. The security software also offers its users to try out a free version that secures your device for a certain period and one you are sure about purchasing a product; you can easily access the product. Subscribed users are enabled to safeguard the system from high risks. McAfee activate gives you a complete security for your business, secures your online privacy along with providing you with Ultimate protection against viruses, identity thefts, cyber crimes etc.

There are many other attributes of McAfee activate that can be accessed when you purchase a subscription and activate.

How McAfee can protect your computer from Internet threats?

  • Detects and provides necessary protection against online threats, viruses, and cyber risks
  • Blocks unsafe websites and hinders the download of critical programs
  • Safeguards all sort of sensitive data and bank credentials that you use to fill online
  • Scans external and peripheral device when attached
  • Protects from Spyware, phishing links, and spam mails
  • Firewall protection that covers Inbound & Outbound services

It is mandatory to download and install the product on your system to access these facilities. Redeem the activation code prior to the download and installation of the product. Get the activation code from your McAfee retail card gets online help as well or else, follow the given instructions to activate the antivirus product.

McAfee Retail Card Online Help:- Get the package you brought form an offline retail store and you will find a unique McAfee card activation code inside it. Read the instruction given on the card carefully and take out the code as you might need to scratch the code but it is not necessary. If you have a CD/ DVD to install the antivirus, get online help from experts.

Support for McAfee Retail Card Products:

Since the McAfee retails card products and purchased from offline retail stores, it could be difficult for users to resolve their issues related to the card and the activation code. In such a case, it is suggested to get in touch with McAfee customer support to know how to redeem the code and execute rest of the procedures.

Keep your McAfee license key code safe, as you will need it while activating the product in the further procedure.  To experience more ease, you can get all the required guidance to redeem and Install your McAfee security with our experts’ online help. Furthermore, you can also learn how to download and install the product.

If you want to Redeem your McAfee Retail Card then please follow the below links-

After redeeming the key code, you may continue to download the product on your computer or Mac. Please note that the steps may slightly vary according to the web browser and its version you are using.

Redeem and Install your McAfee Security with our Experts Online Help:

  1. Open a web browser and visit the and click on the login button
  2. On the Home page click My Account
  3. Click Sign In button. In case you don’t have an account, execute the steps below:
  • Select the Register Now button
  • Enter all the required details
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen
  1. McAfee Log in to your account
  2. Choose Country and language – the option available on the middle-right section of the page
  3. Enter your McAfee activation key code in its respective field
  4. Confirm and submit
  5. When prompted, select your McAfee product if asked or simply click on the option of “Download your product”

Do not end the download while under process and one done, follow the instructions to install and activate the product.

How do you install McAfee Activate?

  1. Double-click on the file you recently download
  2. Run the file as administrator
  • If your device asks for permission, enter the admin password and allow access
  1. Select any of the two options
  • Select the type of device you want to install the product on
  • Select the McAfee software you want to install
  1. When directed to the next step, choose country and language if asked
  2. Mark agree to the terms and conditions to continue the installation process
  3. Follow the prompts if directed and required
  • Enter McAfee activation key code if asked

The installation process has started now, wait until the process ends or completes. If the installation does not complete and shows an error message, connect to McAfee customer support to fix the problem. In another case, restart your computer or Mac when you see the message of ‘Installation successful’.

After installing the product, make sure you activate it in order to enable all the high-end security features on your device. If you already have installed McAfee product on your device, skip the process mentioned above and follow the activation steps only.

How do you Activate McAfee?

  1. Open a browser and type in the link as mentioned on your retail card below McAfee activation key code
  2. On the right section of the page, choose your country and language
  • The page will try to detect your location automatically, check before you submit or proceed to the next page
  1. Type in your McAfee activation key code and then hit Submit
  2. On the McAfee Home and Home Office webpage, click on ‘My Account’ to log in to your McAfee account

Your subscription is now activated. Check for the rest of the details by visiting your profile and stay updated with the latest version of the software.

Still facing issues with McAfee Activate and Installation?

If you encounter any error while performing the steps or have other problems with the product, you can get McAfee Customer Support to resolve the problem. Regardless of the product and its version, you can receive all time assistance and expert support to troubleshoot the error. is an independent support provider on On-Demand Remote Technical Services For McAfee Security products. Use of Office Name, logo, trademarks & Product Images is only for reference and in no way intended to suggest that Technology has any business association with McAfee. McAfee trademarks, Names, logo and Images are the property of their respective owners; disclaims any ownership in such conditions.