How to get rid of McAfee On-Access scanner problems

McAfee On-Access scanner is a virus scan security package of applications. The purpose of the On-Access is to scan and keep the system constantly secured. When you turn on your device, the McAfee On-Access scanner starts analyzing the on-going activities in the background. The McAfee activate product frees up space and prevents conflicts with certain programs. The software leaves On-Access Scan running for additional protection.

McAfee On-Access scanner

Why people are uninstalling On-Access scanner from their devices?

McAfee On-Access scanner utilizes half of the space, which makes the devices slow.  It detects viruses but never finishes its scanning, and never cleans up anything, as it may not be configured correctly.

How to uninstall McAfee Activate On-Access Scanner?

  1. Click on ‘start button’
  2. Go to ‘control panel’.
  3. Select “Uninstall a Program”, in the Programs section of the ‘Control Panel’.
  4. Press the “McAfee On-Access Scanner” option, after clicking on “Uninstall/Change” button on the top of a navigation bar. The ‘Uninstall’ confirmation box opens.
  5. Click on “Yes” to confirm the removal. The program is uninstalled. When the removal is finished, a notification appears. Click on ‘OK’ button. The On-Access scanner is uninstalled.

If you are using McAfee activate On-Access scanner on an Android device, make sure to log out your account from page. You can then proceed with the removal of the app.

To disable McAfee On-Access Scanner, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch McAfee activate on the screen
  2. Click on the ‘McAfee Virus Scan Console’ option.
  3. Click on ‘Access Protection’ option. The Access Protection displays on the screen.
  4. Click and recheck the checkbox next to the ‘Prevent McAfee Services from Being Stopped’ option.
  5. Click on ’Apply’ button, and then click ‘OK’. Now, close the console application.
  6. Click on the McAfee icon in the Windows system using right-click at the corner of the desktop. The McAfee context menu opens.
  7. Click on the ‘Disable On-Access Scan’ option. The scanner will be disabled.

Disabling On-Access Scan prevents the services from running. It does not remove the component from the device but prevents it from being a background service until you enable it. On-Access Scan cannot be shred completely unless you uninstall the entire McAfee Activate program. If you do remove McAfee, So install a new anti-virus program immediately to keep your device secured.

If you have a paid version of the software and you do not want to uninstall it, log in to your account and check for updates. Install any available update and determine if the problem is fixed. It may vary from device to device. Perform the steps correctly.

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