How McAfee Network Security Platform Works?

McAfee Network Security Platform works on IPS, which is an intrusion prevention system that has changed the way for the organizations to deal with the advanced threats in the digital world.

This specialized program ensures that the network to which an organization’s systems are connected is highly secure. It also monitors all the ongoing activities through the computer network and the security layers embedded in it.

Accessible via, MNS Platform blocks more intrusions that tend to harm the devices by stealing your confidential data and information. The below-given points will make you aware of other potential features of this specialized network security program by McAfee. Just have a look:

Detects and fixes the unknown online threats

This McAfee security product initiates signature-based and signature-less inspection to keep a strict vigil on the online threats and viruses. The signature-less technology permits the intrusion prevention system to detect the malicious or infected network traffic and immediately blocks all those attacks for which no signature exists in its database.

Brings together physical and cloud security

The McAfee Network Security Platform comes up with the built-in support for VMware NSX and OpenStack that further permits the organizations to combine security across virtual and physical networks.

Boosts up security and performance

The product has a security connected approach that makes the most of the data coming from different products. It clearly renders the intrusion protection along with the visibility you need in the digital world.

Flexible deployment features

It delivers real-time threat awareness throughout the physical and virtual network. This integration gives the organizations the freedom to bring in the latest security to the software-defined data centers.

Apart from using this McAfee product, there are certain points you need to keep in your mind to avoid the occurrence of network security issues and virus attacks:

  1. Secure your Wi-Fi with a strong password
  2. Keep your software, applications, and operating system up-to-date
  3. Say no to outdated applications or use the latest software
  4. Choose two-way authentication for your account log-ins
  5. Don’t share your confidential information

For any network security issues or errors with McAfee retailcard, contact is customer support team.

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