November 28, 2018

How to Redeem, Download & Install McAfee MIS Retailcard? – McAfee antivirus has always been a reliable suite to keep your PC free of malware and malicious viruses. If you are a hardcore internet user, McAfee Internet Security should be the online security software that you need to install, transact and communicate with the world securely. The McAfee MIS has got a plethora of features that will keep you tension-free so that you can focus only on your work and not any technical hazards. There are two ways to purchase McAfee MIS – online or through a

First, let’s start with the super-useful features of the McAfee MIS suite:

  1. It’s the ace in threat detection of viruses, spyware, and other malware.

The exclusive Active Protection technology of McAfee imparts the fastest protection against viruses to your computing machine. Any new threats are detected and blocked in seconds, which implies that you do not have to wait for regular updates or check for them manually.

  1. It uses McAfee SiteAdvisor.

McAfee MIS helps you know about any possible risks of an online link, before opening it. This happens to stop malware threats. The advanced phishing protection gives you an alert in the even a website may try to clone identity or access your financial data.

  1. It provides Anti-spam and email protection.

With improved anti-spam blocking, MIS has advanced capabilities of identifying spam, which it prevents from clogging your inbox.

  1. It has a faster PC scan time.

Many antivirus suites today do real-time scanning but at a slow pace, which eventually slows down the user for a while. MIS antivirus, however, does full PC scans at faster speeds.

  1. It lets you manage parental controls.

Another advantage of using MIS (activate here: is improved content filtering controls that let you manage your kid’s online usage more easily.

  1. It results in better PC health.

The Quick Clean feature of the MIS suite removes junk files that otherwise slow down your PC.

How To Activate McAfee MIS software?

As mentioned before, you can start using all the premium features of the McAfee Internet Security suite by purchasing the product key either online or offline. For online purchase, you can always go to the official website of McAfee. However, for offline purchase, you will need to look for various authorized MIS vendors either on the internet or at any nearest antivirus store. As a result of offline purchasing, you will receive a McAfee retail card that will contain the product key.

To redeem the product key on your McAfee MIS retailcard, follow below steps:

  1. Open the web browser and log on to
  2. Select your country and language.
  3. A prompt will appear, asking you to enter mcafee activate 25 digit code and your email address. Enter them and click on Submit.
  4. Click on Verify. Your subscription will be activated.
  5. Now, follow on-screen prompts to create a McAfee account.
  6. Once you create the account, install the McAfee software on your PC. Upon installation, your McAfee MIS subscription will be started automatically.

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