The Information you need to know about McAfee Firewall Instant Updater

Since there has been the exceptional growth in technology, McAfee’s antivirus products are often updated with the latest technology features to ensure that the users are not in any kind of vulnerable situation.  McAfee Firewall Instant updater is also a product offered by McAfee in which you can easily be updated every time, whenever any new update is out. And the best part is it requires a minimal intervention from the users, as it is so dynamic.

Moreover, Instant Updater is also a mechanism that registers your product with McAfee. You just need to register your product with McAfee activate.

mcafee firewall instant updater

There are some basic reasons you need to know why you should update your product:

  1. Releasing the new features for your McAfee product
  2. Sometimes products fixes are available
  3. Releasing new content occasionally
  4. Anti-Virus signature files are usually available

Features of Instant updater:

  1. While browsing on the internet, Instant updater silently checks if any new update is there
  2. Normally, Instant Updater asks you to restart your system to apply the effect of the update. It always keeps on checking to make sure that product content of McAfee product and other attributes like scan engine etc. are up-to-date
  3. Auto Enquiry: It is a feature that makes you aware of any new update. If you enable the ‘Auto Enquiry’ you will get the notification every time whenever any update is available. However, it is recommended that you disable the Auto Enquiry when you are working on a slow internet connection
  4. Manual updating: If you are not so much tended to the internet then you may go for manual updating. Whenever you are connected to the internet, you can update your antivirus by selecting the Update function from your system

Home Page Query- This function allows you to pop up a notification (after configuring the McAfee product’s homepage) on your desktop whenever any update is available.

For more information on Instant update on how to download McAfee using, you can call the customer care number they will glad to assist you.

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