5 McAfee Data & Cloud Security Features You Must Know

McAfee antivirus offers hi-end features for the current security needs. Now the rate of cybercrime is increasing linearly. However, to fight against the raising battle of cyber intrusion, McAfee has come across with various product and different plans. Whether you have a business need or personal, McAfee activate gives you a wide range of choices to pick from.

McAfee Data & Cloud Security

Recently, McAfee activate announced Gartner as the choice of secure web gateway. With this move, the American global computer security software company will be able to render smarted cloud-based protection to all its subscribed. People with mcafee.com/activate account and paid McAfee antivirus software will be leveraging these services.

 Top 5 data and cloud security features by McAfee activate

  1. Puts off illicit sharing of sensitive data with unwanted people: McAfee activate analyses granular file and folder authorities, including users with subscription, editors, and viewers, and create collaboration strategies in real time by minimizing or eliminating licenses and revoking links.
  2. Cloud data encryption with keys that only you access: To restrict the access of unauthorized people, McAfee antivirus lets you create pin or password. This approach helps to encrypt the data on cloud space. As you put the cloud storage on lock, all the data, you hold the control to preserve functions such as search.
  3. Finds out compromised accounts: Build with machine learning function, McAfee activate identifies active www.mcafee.com/activate accounts or other synchronized accounts that are being compromised by insider threats. The security software then applies signatures and sandboxing to classify malware in the cloud and block threats and malicious activities.
  4. Security for every environment: If you are an active user and have mcafee.com/activate account, you will receive the latest available updates. This extra layer is required when you update the security so you do not miss any.
  5. McAfee activate for businesses: McAfee cloud safety boosts your security from device to cloud with data transparency, data loss prevention, and high-level threat shield on a program that maintains an extensive ecosystem.

To avail such features, you must have an active account on Mcafee.com/activate along with a paid version of McAfee activate for consumers or business.

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