Introducing the new McAfee Secure Trustmark

McAfee product has earned the reliability and trust over the past 30 years, on the domain of Internet security software, which is ruling globally. Due to the brand strength, McAfee Secure Trustmark has given uncountable customers with the safe and secure websites, which they need to work on the digital market.

 But with the strong tradition, McAfee brand is looking forward to the new product. That’s why they are excited to notify a new updated look for the McAfee Secure Trustmark, which is new Trustmark as well as the new assurance Trustmark. From the commencing of 26th April 2018, the customers can opt for this new version of the Trustmark.

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  • Why the change?

This new Trustmark is followed by McAfee’s switch into an independent cybersecurity organization. The new McAfee is actually looking forward to its unique modification, faith, and cooperation. On the other hand, it will always pay respect to their heritage.

The new logo of McAfee  is outlined by two halves of an open shield coming together. This is the most acknowledged symbol which pays homage to the McAfee’s heritage. While the merger and receptiveness of the symbol have the guiding concept- ‘Together is Power’.

  • Brand new Features

The most important thing, McAfee customers should know or keep that in mind is that McAfee Service will remain the same. The cast may have changed but they are assuring their customers that their site has been gone through testing and authorized to meet the security standards.

 Moreover, they are making two changes to the Trustmark, which is going to certainly improve the visitor’s experiences as well as let you move the Trustmark, where you wanted to place it in your site’s design. They are also offering an option ‘click-to-verify model’ and the floating Trustmark offset feature for the Pro users.

  • Click-to-verify model.

If you’re using the JavaScript engagement Trustmark or the Identity Protection or floating trustmarks, then the customers will no more be taken off-site, while verifying your site’s security. Instead, the new model will engage the visitors on your site, while they look for your security certification, gave a confirmation of the valid SSL certificate. But if you’re using TrustedSite reviews, then look for your overall score rating.

Organizing a smoother experience is more important for mobile shopping and browsing which has become a standard so far. On mobile and tablet, in 2018, 48% of McAfee Secure verification page session were found.

  • Floating Trustmark offset

Did you ever want to move the floating Trustmark over because you have another widget like the chat box that is located at the right-hand corner of your site? Now, you can its eligible for the pro users. Just select where you wanted to redeem it (right or left side of the page), fill up the number of the pixels, you would like to redeem it.

  • When is this happening?

From 1st June 2018, the users may opt for their new Trustmark that are commencing from 26th April 2018 all the existing trustmarks will be updated, automatically including the branding and the functionality.

To go for it use the new Trustmark by visiting the setup wizard on your account by clicking on the option ‘Activate’. Once you’re done, pro users can modify the offset pixels in their floating Trustmark section.

If you have any queries about this update then feel free to contact McAfee customer service to get technical support for your issues

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