How to launch McAfee All Access on PC?

When talking about the remarkable products as well as a total protection shield for your devices, McAfee name struck first in the mind of the users. The trust and popularity, McAfee had earned globally for offering out-of-the-box features and implementing the latest technology in their products. McAfee All Access is one product of the company, which is accessible to almost all the devices and platforms.

McAfee All Access product gives you an opportunity to protect all your devices under the same account. So while you have installed the McAfee product for your PC, it will protect your other devices including the smartphones along with PC or Mac

Check out the steps as listed below to protect your PC from the viruses –

  1. You need to open the current web browser, which you’re using.
  2. Visit McAfee ( official website.
  3. On the McAfee my Account page-
  • Select log-in, if you’re already a member of McAfee.
  • Select log-off, if you want to make an account in McAfee.
  1. You need to use the setup Wizard to protect your devices.

To increase the value of McAfee All Access, McAfee Company suggests the user protect the device they are using as well as on any smartphone, they have.  For this upgradation, they need to follow certain steps as given below, carefully-

  • The user needs to select the PC they are currently using and click on the option ‘Download’.
  • Select the smartphone and PC and click on the option ‘Download’.

Please note– If the user selects the smartphone then need to update their country as well as phone number. Then the user can expect to get a text message with the install link on their smartphone or they can select the option to receive it through email.

  1. If the user couldn’t able to see the particular device which they want to protect then they need to click on the option ‘X’ in the top corner to get access to the McAfee products page.
  • The user needs to read the End User License Agreement (EULA) and select the option ‘I agree’ to accept the terms and condition.
  • Follow the online instructions to get install and configure McAfee software on PC or the smartphone depends on your selection.

In case, you wanted to install from the main page of McAfee-

  • Select the (+) icon.
  • Click the PC from the icons.
  • Select the option’ Download’
  • Follow the onscreen instructions.

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