How to fix locked McAfee Mobile Security Account?

Smartphones are almost taking the world at spin with information center and entertainment device. The smartphone companies in every alternate days are launching new models and along with the new upgradation.

But with every advantage, there comes some disadvantages too. Smartphones especially Android phones are highly vulnerable. For that you need a reliable security protection that go for multi -layer protection like McAfee. McAfee Mobile Security is one such product for the mobile devices.

McAfee Mobile Security

Please note- For other McAfee products for PC or Mac, one can visit link to activate their already purchased McAfee product.

Sometimes, the user may face some issues like while trying to log-in to McAfee Mobile Security innumerable times with the wrong PIN that get you in trouble. The error message may pop-up on the screen as-

“You used the wrong PIN too many times and your account is locked”


                      “Try again after xx minutes”

Check out the steps as listed below to unlock your McAfee activate Mobile Security Account-

  • Try to unlock McAfee Mobile Security using Fingerprint Unlock
  1. Click below the ‘Forgot your PIN?’ option “Unlock your device with the fingerprint”
  2. Place your registered finger when asked to press
  3. Your McAfee Mobile Security Account will be unlocked.

Please noteThe above mentioned feature is available only in McAfee Mobile Security 4.9 or later.

  • Unlock McAfee Mobile Security with the help of your friends
  1. Click on the option ‘Forgot your PIN?’
  2. Select the option ‘Send it to my friends’
  3. Try to get the temporary PIN from one of your registered friend.
  4. Enter the correct PIN to unlock the device.
  •  Unlock using the Security Questions
  1. Click on the option ‘Forgot your PIN?’
  2. Select the option ‘Answer Security Question’.
  3. Enter your answers.
  4. Click on the option ‘Submit’.
  5. Create a new PIN when asked for.

Please note- Make sure your devices has data connection, as without it, the new PIN to McAfee’s servers won’t be able to send. For those devices which use SIM cards, ensure that the correct phone number is given and shown in the ‘Tracking’ section on the ‘Lock’ page.

  • Try to unlock the McAfee Mobile Security from the McAfee official website.
  1. Go for resetting your PIN using the correct method.
  2. Visit the official website of McAfee antivirus.
  3. Sign-in to McAfee Mobile Security profile, either by using McAfee Account details or by the mobile phone.
  4. Select the McAfee Mobile Security account.
  5. On the McAfee Mobile Security lock page, select the option ‘Unlock’. An unlock command is sent to the device.

Please note- Make sure that the phone number showing in the ‘tracking section’ of the McAfee activate Mobile Security lock page matches with the SIM card inserted in the device.

 If the device doesn’t have data connection then it will take time before the unlock command reaches the device. If the devices completely inaccessible with the data connection and no other means of connectivity then the unblock command prompt can’t reach out to the device. And you can have support PIN to unlock your device.

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