Facebook To Put Down Third-Party Ads for Data Security Reasons

Facebook is phasing away the advertising utility in order to maintain the privacy of a user, with criticism on the Cambridge Analytica data abuse scandal.

According to a report published, the controversy of Cambridge Analytica has taken Facebook under attack in order to drop an advertising tool that extracts information from a user’s background and you or the user will not be able to detect if anything is happening with the profile.

A source from Facebook said that they want to make the advertisers know about their idea of putting down Partner Categories. A specialized product that has been launched that allows third party data source to bring about the targets directly on the social media.

Big organizations such as Acxiom and Experian that provides data mining, marketing, and information management services, will work for the third party providers to perform operations on US clients so that can be loan out form marketing uses. It is possible that your private information such as you relationship status, your expenses, or connected relatives on Facebook, how many kids do you have, in what profession you are working in at what position, etc, can all be recorded.


Although the idea of data mining sounds strange, it is legal and ordinary task in the marketing profession. Acxiom, the marketing technology and Services Corporation, for a case, extracts the data from public records, customer reviews and other marketable things that are supervised to gather your information by your permission.

Facebook made decision to allow its own advertisers to control the power of these data thefts with the collaboration of some of its partner categories on its ad platform. The ultimate motive to do all these partnership collaborations and measures is to keep user’s data private by ending ads by third-party customers. The corporation is phasing out the utility, accompanied by the raise of backlash over the social media giant’s privacy solutions.

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