What do you need to do in case of detection of viruses by McAfee

Today is the time when we need to be extra careful about the devices, we’re using in our daily life. No matter what purpose we’re using- simple browsing or taking up the transactions, nothing is safe from the eye of the hackers.

To remain completely safe and sound, we need a powerful antivirus like McAfee online security software, which has a huge collection of products for every purpose like network security, endpoint protection, web security, and many more.


So, what you need to do if the detection occurs and if it gets detected. See, the reaction always depends on how McAfee VirusScan Enterprise gets configured.

 In case McAfee VirusScan Enterprise gets configured to clean the detected virus automatically then the rest of the action depends completely on the instructions from the DAT file. For example- if the scanner is unable to clean the file or if the file gets damaged beyond repair then the scanner may take further actions by deleting the file or can take the secondary action, all depends on the DAT file.

If the scanner denies the access to the files with the potential threats then it will add a ‘.mcm’ extension to the file name when it gets saved.

Note- To McAfee activate any of the products of it for your system, you need to visit the McAfee.com/Activate link.

If the detection of viruses is specified and there are a system access point violations then the action depends completely on how the rule gets configured-

  • Report – When the information gets recorded in the log file.
  • Block- When the access gets denied.

You need to review the log file to check which of the system access point gets violated and which of the rules has detected the violations then all you need to do is to configure the access protection rules that will allow the users to get access to the legitimate items and thus preventing them from accessing the protected items.

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