Cybersecurity Firm Recommends Police Not to Look at iPhones Locked With Face ID

It is not now that the iPhones have gone smarter with its face identification lock feature, yet it is becoming a hindrance in other places. Lately, the FBI and other law enforcing bureaus started to force suspects to unlock their iPhones with Face ID, a cybersecurity firm recommends the officials not to look at the phone, after all, it is a device and it will work the way it is designed.

iPhones locked with Face ID

The firm advised not looking into the iPhone locked locked with face ID because it will be a failure if the device detects wrong facial features. And, after a number of unsuccessful attempts of face scan, the phone will only be unlocked by passcode.

This is a key characteristic because a plenty of courts have ruled that compelling a suspect to tell authorities his passcode makes a infraction of the 5th amendment of USA. On the other hand, having a suspect looking at his device to unlock is a good approach.

A known cybersecurity firm based in Moscow highlighted the problem of the face identification failure in case of criminal cases; the authorities can accidentally force an iPhone X or XS to put out the Face ID and subsequent passcode action. With all these issues, another cyber security organization, McAfee activate works to deliver security for those who are more open to lose their private data out of phishing attacks and crypto malwares.

Personal security measures for iPhone

Determining the record of the launch iPhone’s Face ID lock feature, it was a noted to be a failure at the first attempt. However, Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president, handled the criticism by explaining the failure was due to backend management, it has yet left an impact. One should not leave their expensive phones and confidential data on the biases of just Face ID lock. Therefore, installing an active antivirus subscription from would be a smart move toward securing your data.

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