3 Tips to Boost Up Your Password Security!

No one can deny the fact that the setting up a secure password plays an essential role in the security of an online account. Be it your email ID, social media account, online banking account or the McAfee account, choosing a password that is hard to crack can prevent or avoid different hacking attacks and malicious activities.

Password Security

The same applies to your McAfee account; it also needs to be secured in order to make your purchased McAfee MTP retailcard or any other product run smoothly on your device. So, below are three tips for you to keep in mind while setting up the online passwords:

Think Different

Feel yourself like a superhero and take every measure for protecting your online account with a highly secure password. Never go with a simple one (even if you don’t have enough time to create a difficult one) like “abc@123456” or “123456” or even something that includes your complete “date of birth/anniversary, etc”.

Just remember the fact that the more difficult or complex a password is, the more it will be for a hacker to crack it. So, make a unique combination of capital letters (AUCDK…), special characters/symbols (@$#%^…), and small letters (jwlkw…). Such passwords may seem a bit difficult to remember but on the other hand, they are also hard to guess.

Important Tip: Don’t be a fool by keeping a single password for all your online accounts!

Take the help of Password managers

To make the password management easy for the customers, McAfee, the worldwide popular antivirus and security software provider has come up with a special program named as McAfee Password Manager. You can make the most of it by saving the passwords of the websites you frequently visit. A password manager generates random passwords and also goes through multi-factor authentication to ensure the complete security of your account. This Password Manager is a part of several McAfee products purchased using McAfee Retailcard.

Never ignore suspicious activities

If anytime you receive an email alerting you about the suspicious activities happening with your account, don’t ever ignore them. Go through the account activities review given in that email and check if someone else has tried to access it. By keeping these tips in mind you can ditch many viruses and hackers trying to get hands on your account for the misuse.

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